We are committed to making cash more accessible and convenient to withdraw wherever you may be.

Certified & Accredited by Bancnet

We are a proud independent ATM deployer fully-accredited by the country’s national ATM network. We are EMV certified and compliant with relevant legislation and regulations.

15K+ Devices

We have deployed thousands of bank quality ATMs around the world. All of them are built to handle high volume of transactions and meet the unique needs of your customers.

Full Service Support

We have experienced, reliable, responsive, and consistent maintenance support backed powered by our help desk, ATM monitoring and field services team. We operate all our ATMs at the highest security levels.

High Acceptance

We follow high global standards. Our machines accept all Philippine- issued cards along with major international cards.


Cash Connect is an independent ATM brand that is fully accredited by Bancnet.

Cardholders can do withdrawals and balance inquiry transactions.

Bank cards affiliated with Visa, Plus, and Korean Exchange are accepted by the ATM machine.

Cardholders can withdraw a maximum of P10,000 per transaction, and a minimum of P100.

Client must wait for at least 5 minutes to inquire regarding this concern as our system automatically reverses the transaction. If the reversal does not happen, the Client must call their issuing bank’s customer service to report the incident.

Client must report the incident to their issuing bank’s customer service.

Client must report the incident to their issuing bank’s customer service.

The card and the cash must be taken immediately by the cardholder. For the protection of the customer from fraudulent transactions, an automatic retraction happens when the cash or card is not taken from the terminal.

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